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Our magazines faithfully serve over 45 million monthly loyal readers , as they engage across our powerful portfolio of authentic & premium content

Compelling content, finely tuned to the interests and desires of our generation.

Led by a world class team of young and savvy editors, producers and designers, we produce content on topics that interest and matter to us.


It is this deep identification with our readers that allows us to produce content that compels them to engage, motivates them to return and drives them to share across the web.

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Novelty allows you to precisely
target a highly trusted and
uniquely refined audience


A vastly sought after readership from the most trusted traffic sources

  • 60 million daily users reach on Facebook

  • 75% social engagement Rate

  • Over 1.5 Million Facebook Fans

Leveraging Data

Highly refined demographic, behaviour and intent-based segmentation

  • Segmented Traffic

    Novelty acquires traffic based on demographics and behavior from social media & search sources

  • Data Refinement

    Novelty tracks its audiences behavior, interests and intents in real time as readers engage across its diverse range of verticals and topics

  • Precision Targeting

    Based on the highly refined data it collects Novelty can segment and target a highly refined audience for more powerful impact

The Bottom Line

1.8M Followers 45M Monthly Visitors 65% Social Engagement Rate 12 Verticals 9 Min Avg Session Duration
12 Verticals
65% Social Engagement Rate
9 Min Avg Session Duration
45M Monthly Visitors

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