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Novelty Media is a digital publishing company that harnesses the power of data, technology, and vanguard thinking into pinpointing ideas and stories with far-reaching resonance and connects them with millions of loyal readers.

Compelling content, finely tuned to the interests and desires of our generation.

Novelty Media’s owned-and-operated properties honor, celebrate, and even actively participate in the best of Internet culture. With a growing portfolio of verticals spanning across a variety of categories, our sticky, addictive content has been the bread and butter of both our core values and ongoing success.


Our eclectic team of content connoisseurs, data miners, and coding virtuosos work in tandem with the collective goal of streamlining the complex landscape of the digital media ecosystem and creating time-well-spent experiences for our business partners and ever-growing audiences alike.


And when we say we’re an eclectic team of content connoisseurs, we mean it! We’re excited to announce the launch of our new company blog. Written by our multi-talented staff, we plan to bring you fun and insightful posts on everything from our company culture to industry best practices we swear by.

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Icepop is a digital entertainment media magazine made up of Internet junkies and master storytellers. We’re constantly on the lookout for the most entertaining, engaging and uplifting stories out there. Our original content is designed to lift the spirits and broaden the horizons of our millions of readers each month.

Here at DirectExpose we eat, sleep and breathe Hollywood and the entertainment industry. Our team of passionate Tinseltown fanatics strive to give readers a break from the average red carpet coverage and TV reviews to provide thought-provoking, original content for lovers of the big screen and small screen alike.

Here at ¡HOLA GENTE!, our digital Spanish magazine, we aim to create the perfect space to relax and disconnect from the daily routine; a place where people will be surrounded by unique Hispanic vibes every time they read our content. While we aim to be the best source of entertainment, we vow to stay true to our values of authenticity and accuracy.

Novelty allows you to precisely
target a highly trusted and
uniquely refined audience


An ever-growing community of engaged readers

  • 60 million daily users reach on Facebook

  • 75% social engagement Rate

  • Over 1.5 Million Facebook Fans

Content Production

Leveraging highly-refined data and engagement to fuel content production

  • Data Refinement

    Novelty's proprietary technology allows it to collect in-depth understanding of user engagement and behavior.

  • User Sentiment

    Novelty interacts with its readers through various channels, including real-time pulse checks to gather insights on their interests and opinions across its diverse portfolio of verticals and topics.

  • Content Uniqueness

    Through the fusion of technology and human sentiment, Novelty is constantly adapting to produce unique and engaging content tailored to refined audience interests.

The Bottom Line

12 Verticals 19M + Monthly Sessions 95% Traffic from North America 50 Stories Published Weekly 9 Min Avg Session Duration
12 Verticals
50 Stories Published Weekly
95% Traffic from North America
9 Min Avg Session Duration
19M + Monthly Sessions

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